Wednesday, November 18, 2015

Happy Thanksgiving Wishes Messages 2015

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Sing songs of merriment, sing songs of joy, sing in high spirits and good faith too...
but don't you forget to sing a song of thankfulness,
for Thanksgiving is all about being grateful for one's blessings,
so one can be blessed once more, anew!
Roast Turkey, scrumptious pies, freshly brewed cider, vegetables and fruits galore and golden baked goodies align the table...
as the toast to Thanksgiving is raised..let's take a moment to reflect and
be thankful to the Lord for blessing us with so much and for making us able.
Thanksgiving is a time to gather around loved ones be grateful for all that we have been so abundantly blessed with and also to spare a thought for those not so lucky. It is a season of bountifulness and a reason to share the same ....true Thanksgiving is in actually doing that - Giving !!!
On Thanksgiving and always, may you and your loved ones savor all that is rich...may the festivities come alive with the cornucopia of hope, faith and goodwill.
As the festive dinner is laid, and with rich aromas the air is replete, it is only by offering heartfelt thanks to the Lord- that the family Thanksgiving celebrations are complete.
A Thankful person is always more likely to be happy not just on Thanksgiving but right through life... so make a start this Thanksgiving!!!
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On Thanksgiving and always, 
may you and your loved ones 
savor all that is rich...
may the festivities come alive 
with the cornucopia of hope, 
faith and goodwill. 


A Thankful person is always 
more likely to be happy not 
just on Thanksgiving but right through life... 
so make a start this Thanksgiving!!


On this Thanksgiving Day, 
I wish to say that I am honored 
to have you in my life. 
Thanks for loving and caring for me.


Wishing that your Thanksgiving is full of love,warmth,and extra special moments.
Have a happy Thanksgiving!


"Two parts to Thanksgiving.The thanks part and the giving part.It's a cyclical mystery."

This year, I think we need to return to the values of the first Thanksgiving:
a return to reflection,a return to appreciation for what we have, a return to thanks.
We must give thanks for all the blessings we enjoy.


You cannot be an effective witness for God, if you are not thankful.
No one will want what you have if you are miserable all of the time! The joy of the Lord is your strength.


You will susceptible to the wiles of the Devil, if you are not thankful.
A discontented person is a perfect target for the Devil. The Devil has happy apples in his tree. Beware!

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