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Holi Festival Essay | Essay on Holi | Holi Essay

Holi Essay: As we all know Holi is about to come , it is the one of the most loving festival of India. For this auspicious occasion lots of preparation are going on in the schools . Before the holidays of Holi festival holi functions are organised by the schools in which children has to speak about Holi . So here we brings you the self prepared Essay on Holi  . You can use this as holi essay for kids also .

Happy Holi

Holi Essay For  Kids

Holi is the most important festival in India .This day has its religious belief in the ancient time where the king named hiranyakashyap lived who wanted that everyone should worship him as a god but his son 'Prahlad' denied his thoughts and worshiped god 'Narayan' . The king wanted to kill his son with the help of his sister but god saved the boy and killed the king .

Holi symbolizes the festival of colours, fun and frolic.This festival occurs in spring season.On the eve of holi , people collect wood,straws and sticks and set fire to them which reminds the victory of good over evil . This is a day when small as well as elderly people enjoy by spraying colours over one another.People eat gujiyas,drink an dance on th beats of drums .later they visits their friends and relatives houses to exchange the holi wishes.

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 During these days lots of evil desires as well as evil activities are taking place which should be curbed like  drinking alcohol, playing cards,abusing words,etc. because this is the festival of brotherhood & everyone should take care while playing with colours as they add beauty in one's life.

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Holi festival Essay , Essay on Holi : You can add more things by your own that we forget to mention .

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